Cerwin vega d5 review

Cerwin vega d5 review

What happened? A: It is normal that TWO foam edges have shipped and are simply stuck together. Try to peel the two edges apart. If we did make a mistake just contact us and we will be glad to take care of it right away. Some kits are sold in packs of ONE edge only, so be sure your ordered the correct amount.

Cerwin Vega fans. You favorites? Least favorites?

Q: I ordered a speaker foam repair kit, but I am not sure if it fits my speaker. What do I do next? A: STOP! Contact us right away. DO NOT glue anything if you are unsure of the fit or sizing. If your speaker needs a different size kit and you attempt to glue it, there are no returns!

How do I order a repair kit for it? Q: Does Simply Speakers offer combined shipping? A: Yes we do! If you are purchasing more than one item from us remember to wait and pay for all items together. Even if promoted by eBay, wait until you have committed to all desired items before payment.

You can also request a combined invoice. Q: How can I add an item to an order I've already paid for? A: Our order management system is highly automated making it difficult for us to change an order after it has been placed.

For this reason we are unable to modify or change an existing order once it has been sent to us from eBay and processed.

cerwin vega d5 review

You will need to place a new order in this case. Q: Can I change the shipping address for an order that I have already paid for? A: We only ship to the confirmed address provided to us from eBay or your PayPal account. Any address changes or updates must be arranged with eBay or PayPal prior to placing your order with us. Q: Can you send my International shipment as a sample or a gift? A: We do not mark merchandise values below actual value or mark items as "gifts". USA and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.

This applies to all shipments outside of the USA. Q: I would like to order some speaker fabric but I need a size longer than 1 yard 36 x 60 inches. Can Simply Speakers help? A: Yes, we can cut your speaker fabric in 1 yard increments as long as you need it, up to 15 yards 45 feet. The width of the material is always 60 inches 5 feet.

Q: What happens if the parts I ordered do not fit?Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by thedelihausMar 24, Log in or Sign up. Cerwin Vega fans- what do you know of the D-3s? Messages: 29, Location: Boston Area, Massachusetts. The woofer size? The ohm rating? Thanks and cheers, Paul. Messages: Location: Denver. The D-3 has a inch woofer and is about 28H x 14W x 12D inches. I don't know the impedance.

ThumpyMar 25, Messages: Location: Michigan. Some info and a mini review The D3's are They have a 10" woofer, 5" midrange, and I think a 1" horn loaded tweeter. Impedance is 8 ohms nominal.

They have a tweeter adjustment on the back of the speaker. I just picked up a pair from Kegger last weekend. You can see a picture in the member classifieds sorry I don't know how to put it here, not too swift on photo management. Although Cerwins are supposed to be rock type speakers, I think this model is an excellent all rounder and sounds great on classical.

Plenty of bass, great mid range and very good highs which are detailed but not bright. That's my opinion of course based on comparing them to my other speakers which are Boston A70 series2 and Polk Rti To me the D3's are warm, rich and thoroughly involving. They play loud of course but they sound quite good at low and moderate levels too which constitutes most of my listening. I'd be interested to know the sensitivity rating db?

This is the second time I've owned these speakers and I really like them. They look good with the grills off but I actually like them with grills on more, the brown material and CV logo look good to me.

Messages: Location: Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the info lab. Here is the D3 pic, thanks bolly. Thanks Guys. These might sound well stacked with them. Great timing "Thanks Guys. I was extremely fortunate to get my D3's when I did because an extremely perceptive fellow AK'er was about to do the same. I just got lucky in timing.

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Although I've been playing the D3's mostly solo I have also been experimenting with stacking them with my other speakers. The results with my Bostons, Phillips, and Polks were ok but nothing to write home about.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter. Was just looking online at Cerwin Vega speakers. Are they any good? Does anyone out there have newer CV speakers?

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My uncle has 4 small floor standing CV speakers from back in the day and they sound pretty good. Remove Advertisements. OldAM. They're generally regarded as speakers that play LOUD but are not very refined ie good party speakers. Menasor is offline. I have an older "E" series set.


I'm happy with them. OldPM. I have been using some RE20's 8" two-ways for what seems like forever, and they have suited me just fine, but on Thursday I'm moving on. It will be a sad but happy day. CRAW is offline. A friend of mine run's full size CVs front, center, and rear in his home cinema. Very good performance considering the money invested. Note the models he uses are year old E series I believe - same as poster above meno idea what the new range is like.

I used Cerwin ATs as my main front speakers for almost 15 years. Bought them when their main purpose was to shake the house with Metallica and Led Zeppelin.

cerwin vega d5 review

They are tanks. As others have said they are not as "refined" as some other brands but they can certainly handle punishing volumes. They were a happy part of my HT configuration until a few weeks ago, when I bought some new gear and sold them to a lucky friend. At least I can still go over there to visit.

SithLord is offline. Secret Squirrel.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by street legalOct 28, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Why do no new speakers have large 12" or 15" woofers? Location: west milford, nj. Location: South Carolina. DinsdaleOct 28, Location: Cedar Rapids, IA. Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina.

You could buy a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ce with stands and get plenty of Bass. Did your speakers come with the stands? PTgraphicsOct 28, Location: detroit, mi. I'm pretty sure Cerwin Vega still make big bass speakers. If rock and roll is what you like they are great at it. Yep, aesthetics rule! Speakers and TVs are now first of all furniture. Sound is secondary. So there are no big woofers any more because big woofers need a BIG cabinet, and nobody wants to buy that any more.

And the folks who really want more bass do tend to get a subwoofer. So you either need to get a subwoofer, or do what I did for my friend's husband. While he was deciding what to do about speakers, I braced his old big-woofer speakers, coated the insides, and stuffed them with fiberglass. The difference was amazing; she subsequently told me "he's been getting out all his old CDs and listening to them all over again! Location: Cincinnati, Ohio. EdipisReksOct 28, Location: ann arbor area, mi, usa.

Location: Lakeland, between Tampa and Orlando, Florida! Location: Pittsburgh, PA. Jay FOct 28, It's worth noting that of course you can still buy 12" and 15" woofer complete speakers.

The Klipsch Heritage line still has the 15" Eminence driver, essentially a bass guitar speaker with a different cone and spider, and Great Plains Audio offers the classic Altec in finished Altec pattern cabinets or as a driver. Not cheap, but still being made PerisphereOct 28, Location: Detroit, Michigan. I recently replaced a set of Cerwin Vega D-5 speakers with 12" woofers in my living room for a pair of Optimus T speakers with 10" woofers and I am getting more bass now and better sound overall.

The cabinets are slightly larger overall with the Optimus, so I think that has a big effect here. Both speakers have front-facing ports. I'm not a fan of the subwoofer-with-satelites-type setup at all. Jose JonesOct 28, Log in or Sign up.

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Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Cerwin Vega fans. You favorites? Least favorites? Location: Midwestern US. As a fan since the mid 70's I will concede that some many? I have not heard them all.

My favorites are the p and the 29p. Least favorite are the AT series and the VS series. The D series is pretty good at least for the D Has anyone else given any CV's a critical listen with actual good tube? Or both? BrentBOct 28, Location: Maryland, U.

Wow, takes me back. I had some B. Vintage stuff for sure. These kind of speakers literally "rocked" the little house I lived in, back in the mid's. Chris SchoenOct 28, Location: Southern US. Used them for parties and movies mainly pre audiophile days. They sounded good at the time and I loved the look. Found some for sale in a record store the other day, brought back fond memories. ManimalOct 28, Location: USA. GuildXOct 29, Location: South West Australia.

A very strange approach to building speakers. Often no crossover on the woofer ,lots of overlap between the woofer and midrange and midrange and tweeter and very often minimal damping of the cabinet. SlackOct 29, So, I read the reviews by REG and Soundstage and decided that for bucks a pair, it was time to stick my toes into the waters of the speakers of red surrounds and guaranteed loudness and see what the Hell - is this a savant speaker priced as a lease breaker, or a genuine Hi Fi product.

Soul of a Man has better bass than the Klipsch Very lean, but deeper, with those twisty sensations you get from bass notes very well rendered. The bass has notes - you can sit and imagine some guy or sexy girl, or whatever you care to imagine playing and actual instrument. The treble is not as open as the Klipsch modded crossovers less air around the performance Rvance, if you're there, ya wanna go see Bruce Cockburn in Arcata Friday? If you can get us cocktail reception tickets, I'm buying for both of us.

Images from speaker to speaker with good fill, images more forward, the Klipsch are more laid back imagers - and I admit this is my custom, but this isn't so bad Going out on a limb - the tweeters seem to have metal dome tweeters or sound like it. They aren't.

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I was going to opine a guitar sounded more like a dobro, but it's a dobro. Is that a compliment or a criticism? Shockingly, these babies are known for their gargantuan oomph, but the Klipsh did this better. These speakers would make me think the recording was more compressed, but I now better. However, some vocals have that indeterminant sound of not knowing where to sound like they are coming from, so I know I will get better results when I move them around.

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Guitar and the clanky sticks on "Kit Carson" kill, as does the very harmonic bass being played. Drum rolls and then the kick drum kicker are OK, but the kick drum sounds rounded off. Night one, poorly positioned Instremuents are not quite each uniquely delineated and there's a bass hump at about 80 Hz that does go one note for a small bit and don't like it.

cerwin vega d5 review

OK, you were there, from birth and out of position. Simply awesome report. Can't wait till you do this and that to em.By absolveAugust 18, in 2-Channel Home Audio. They are definitely a different sound from what I am used to. Been a klipsch guy for 25 years. First pair of klipsch's were a pair of epic cf4's back inthen heresy 2's, then a pair of mid 70's lascalas and now the cornwall 3's. Love the horns as well Then an accurate comparison can be made.

It can all depend on your chose of music and what sound best for your taste. Variety is the spice of life. I have many amplifiers, probably over 30, I do not bother counting them because I am constantly building.

Just a hobby of mine.

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Most are the higher end circuits principle class A. All sound different, none the exact same. Biggest difference is the difference between push pull and single ended amplifiers. Each has their signature sound. I can enjoy both flavors with certain music at different times. Horns are what I like best and for room shaking bass get a good sub. So in a blind listening test you will be able to discern the amplifier or amplifier's topology?

A company I forget the name offered a rather large sum of money for someone to prove this to them.

cerwin vega d5 review

Probably the reason tube amplifiers are still going strong in the market even though there are not the cleanest form of amplification.

Tubes have that "pleasant distortion" preferred by many.

Why do no new speakers have large (12" or 15") woofers?

I preferred their sound over some of the early solid state, but I hated the maintenance. Greatest thing about them was the increase in resale value! Here's the infamous Stereophile challenge with Bob Carver. Regarding the spectrum analyzing of the Hypex, I am just curious if like the Texas Instruments TPA the Hypex designers put some 2nd harmonic in their amplifier. I am willing to guess there is a tiny amount. I read Bruno Putzey's white paper on the Nc It's very technical, as you can imagine, but I very much like his marketing phrase: "Neither dirt nor fairy dust.

Often mistakenly taken that a solid state amplifier can sound like any tube amplifier.

Speaker Repair and Replacement of Foam Surrounds on Cerwin Vega and Others

It was a specific tube amplifier that Bob pulled this off with.